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I’m some what of a hermit.
More later.

My Lj friending
1:Things that need to be Lj cut (in my opinion) are thing that are Not Work Safe, 18+ stuff, pictures wider then 800 pixels ( mess up the lay-out ) or many Kb in size (definitely when over a Mb).
I don’t mind scrolling, so don't feel you have to "LJ cut" long post.
2: I feel the need for you to give me permission before I Lj friend you.
You don’t have to Lj friend me back and if your "locked Lj" is full of “To Much Info” it may be better not friending me.
3:I have dyslexia so if you post a dozen times a day, I can’t keep up, and I do read all of my friends list.
4: If you are sounding like a bot, or a fake I will not be friending you back (if you friend 100's).
5: If you are under 18, and I don't know your Mom or Dad, I'm not friending you back, but you can still friend me and read it.
Even if I have not friended you, you may still make comments.

I live in Apple Valley, for some reason the post office thinks Apple Valley is part of Saint Paul.